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I’m now on Facebook!
March 26, 2009

Finally I’m on Facebook! Very soon I will be adding some great items from Kregel books-video, study guide. . .stay tuned 🙂

1 of my favorite things
March 9, 2009

I feel so lucky that I am able to speak through the ThinkFirst chapter at Central DuPage Hospital to schools in the area. I often speak to Drivers Ed. classes and the kids will then email me about how this changes the way that they approach their driving while they are learning to drive with a permit. That is how it happens. . .one small change at a time.               Be happy!

Excerpt from “Go Back and Be Happy”
March 2, 2009

Julie finds herself on heaven’s doorstep. ‘A penetrating light surrounds me. I am shocked by its physical warmth. I feel as if this light is gathering me in its arms.’ My 2 grandmothers appear, seemingly to welcome me-but instead they tell me to return. ‘Your body will heal,’ they say. ‘Go back and be happy.’

‘As an athlete who has faced some overwhelming physical challenges, I find such inspiration in Julie’s story. I admire her determination to live with joy and faith. Give this book to anyone who needs to feel better about life.’                              Bonnie St. John, paralympic silver medalist, author of How Strong Women Pray