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My web site has been updated so it now can be completely and quickly viewed anywhere on any device! Enjoy it-and let me know what you think! Happy day!

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  1. I saw Julie on Aspiriting Women television show today and was just amazed by her story. Listening to her talk about her recovery and her faith really struck me. I am currently recovering from a heart/liver surgery, which I had in February. This is my third heart surgery and it also involved my liver. I held on to my faith during the whole time I was in the hospital. With God at my side I knew I was going to get through this. In 1998 before my first heart surgery, I didn’t know I had a tumor in my heart and I went to many doctor’s for tests. One night I had a dream and I felt like I left my body and was going to a very peaceful place. I felt like I had my arms stretch out and I said My Lord, My Lord. God responded and said “It is not your time” and I returned to my body. I woke up and in March of 1999 the surgeons removed a benign tumor from my heart. Right now I am recovering from this third surgery that believe it or not, was never performed before. I give all Glory and Praise to God for getting me through this very difficult surgery. I too humbled myself and was obedient to God’s will. Some times that is hard because we want to be in control. Seeing Julie’s story today gave me more hope to know that things will get better, it is just going to take time.

    • Your fabulous story is yet another testimony that our Lord IS present in this world and does answer prayer! Humility and obedience is also something that comes easily after you have powerfully been given the gift of life-again! And now for patience. . 🙂 Hang in there-it’s worth it! Happy day!

  2. Polarization-The Spiritual Order of the Eternal Domain of Holy Commander is at presence within Our Souls more than ever,the affect of the Beautiful- will Eliminate it’s most empty rival-key players within the earthly realm of earth are evident everywhere,take Julie as the frequency,power,lightsource.Run with it people…………

    • I hope I can live up to that 🙂

      • All spirits as yourself,already have.

  3. Thank you. I try. Very sweet 🙂

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